Social Studies

Department Goals:

The Office of Secondary Social Studies guides the development, implementation, and assessment of social studies instruction; provides professional development for middle and high school social studies teachers; serves as a liaison for the school system and the community; and facilitates extra-curricular programs for students.

  • Partnerships with community institutions and governmental agencies to provide services for teachers and students
  • Administration of a $1 million dollar Teaching American History Grant
  • Implementation of student programs such as Quiz Bowl, Mock Trial, Model Congress, and Model United Nations



Skordalos, Sandra*

Casey, Benjamin

 Clough, Tyler

Michael Ches

Dorfman, Steve

Gaddy, Pam

Gardner, Jarrod

 Hall, Victoria

Hillhouse, Tammy

Kinsey, Hugh
Kokernak, Karen

McComb, Sarah

Delana Shifflett