Literary Arts

About Patapsco's Literary Arts Magnet

Students interested in writing may explore this art form, both as a profession and as a meaningful way of self-expression, through engaging courses that provide a solid foundation in the art of written expression.  Students will learn to write in a variety of forms in order to develop and refine their unique voices as playwrights, novelists, poets, journalists, or essayists by working closely with faculty, mentors, and their peers in a supportive and dynamic environment.

Our Students: Literary Arts students, quite simply, love to write!  They wish to challenge themselves to refine and experiment with their writing.  They enjoy working independently, but also want to work with others to brainstorm ideas and improve their craft.  They wish to work with students from the theatre, dance, visual arts, instrumental and vocal magnets on cross-curricular projects to enrich the school and community.  Finally, they share a passion for the written word that extends into reading as a source of inspiration.