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How does financial aid begin?
Answer: FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It gets completed in the fall of 12th grade and each year a student is in college. Watch the following video to become familiar with FAFSA.

Where do you find scholarships and grants?
Some grants are awarded to students from the federal or state government (based on FAFSA info). Other grants students must apply for through the Maryland Higher Education Commission and MDCAPS. Delegate and Senator scholarship information can also be found on the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Most other scholarships must be searched and applied for through scholarship search engines (listed below). Many employers, religious organizations, PTSAs, local clubs and community partners also offer scholarships. 

Maryland Higher Education Commission and MDCAPS:
This is the site for needs-based grants, unique populations scholarships, and legislation scholarships.

Central Scholarship
Central Scholarship enables students in Maryland to pursue education or training after high school through scholarships and interest-free loans that fund the gap after all other financial aid has been awarded.

Scholarship Search Sites:

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