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I'm not really sure what I want to do...
This is a common problem MANY people have. Use the websites below to explore different categories or careers and take quizzes that can help you narrow down jobs. Most of these websites will also tell you how much education, or what kind of training you need to get each career.

My Next Move
Career One Stop
My Skills My Future

Career Pathways

Career Pathways is a partnership between CCBC and Baltimore County Public schools (BCPS). Career Pathways is a program of study which begins in high school, continues at CCBC, and culminates in an associate degree, further postsecondary study, or employment. Career Pathways helps prepare students for post-secondary education, as well as entry into technical and career fields by combining classroom and workplace experiences.
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Apprenticeship and Trade Unions

The list for construction/trade programs and registered apprenticeships through unions and ABC Baltimore can be found at the following link:

Trade Programs and Trade Schools around Baltimore
  1. North American Trade Schools

  2. All State Career

  3. Woodland Job Corps Center

  4. Fortis

  5. Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts

  6. Empire Beauty Schools

  7. Paul Mitchell Academy

  8. Aveda Institute

  9. Pia

Maryland Workforce Exchange
Maryland Workforce Exchange is a site regulated by the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. It provides job search, online training, and career search features.

Job Search Sites

CASE: Single Step
CCBC’s CASE Single Step provides students with varying levels of disability the academic, pre-vocational, social and independent living skills they need to be successful. For more information contact the CASE - Single Step Program at