Department Goals:

The Office of English and Reading seeks to improve student achievement by developing curriculum which is aligned with the Maryland Content Standards, providing professional development for the systematic implementation of the Essential Curriculum, and selecting instructional materials that are appropriate and engaging in order to attain the following program goals:

  • To help students appreciate that language is the basis of all culture, the primary means of communication with others, and the tool with which most of us work.
  • To develop competence in those reading skills necessary for the performance of school tasks and for the use of reading as an instrument of personal achievement, enlightenment, and enjoyment throughout life.
  • To help students develop critical attitudes and standards in evaluating and choosing among books, periodicals, radio and television
    programs, stage and motion picture productions.
  • To provide students with opportunities for creative expression on the level of their capacities and interests.
  • To teach students, through experiences with good literature, the language techniques and literary forms used by accomplished writers and the significant themes that reflect the human condition.
 Teacher Email Address 
         Christina Kerr [email protected]
         Imani Alleyne [email protected] 
         Natalie Avallone [email protected]
         Brent Bellinger [email protected]
          Joy Campbell  [email protected]
         Lauren Driscoll [email protected]
         Kelly Dursa [email protected]
         Kevin Heinlein [email protected]
         Mara Ma [email protected]
         Kelsey Newland [email protected]
         Ronald Poole [email protected]
Kevin Wisniewski [email protected]