Department Goals:

The Patapsco science department works hard to provide student centered lessons that are engaging and relevant to real world scenarios. Our focus is to prepare students with the coursework needed to create a strong background in science and enabling them to be successful in college. Our department takes a pro-active approach, identifying struggling students and offering help in the form of HSA test remediation and peer tutoring.   We also focus on engaging students in academic clubs such as Science club, Chemathon club, and Envirathon club.





Ms. Christy Clark

GT Chem, IPC, Honors IPC


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Mr. Noah Baumann             

Living Systems, Anatomy and Physiology             

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Mr. Richard Foot 

Earth Systems, Honors Earth Systems

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 Mr. Ben Lockwood

IPC, GT Chemistry

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Ms. Michelle Lynn


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Ms. Amanda Mills

Living Systems, Honors Living System

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Ms. Gina Muir

Biology, Earth Systems

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Mr. Paul Tomasevich--Chair