Frequently Asked Questions

How does my student obtain a Work Permit?
The school counseling department no longer issues work permit information. The student should print out their work permit online through the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

How does my student obtain a Driving Learner's Permit?
The process for applying for learner's permit is located on The Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration's website.

If a student is under 16 when they apply they must provide a proof of attendance form, located below. This should be filled out by the student's family before asking the school to complete it. Students can drop off the form in the school counseling office and pick it up after 24 hours. 
MVA school verification.pdf

How does my student obtain his/her transcript?
A signed copy of the transcript release form (found below) must be on file. Students should request transcripts through Naviance under the "College Tab". 

How many hours of service learning does my student have? How can we submit service learning hours? 
Students can check their service learning has been "met" or "not met" on their quarterly report cards. For a detailed amount of hours students can ask their school counselor. To submit service learning hours, complete the form listed below and submit it to Ms. Patron in the school counseling office. 

Where can my student gather service learning hours?
Students can earn service learning hours as they complete projects throughout their time in BCPS; however, some students will still require more hours. These students must seek out volunteer opportunities through local community programs and events. Many students will also volunteer with religious organizations, after school events at Patapsco, or Patapsco PTSA projects.

Where can I find resources on summer programs, enrichment or pre-college programs?
You can follow us on Twitter for updated advertisements, but we list all available programs on Naviance Family Connection under the "College Tab > Enrichment Programs". See our Naviance tab on this page for login information if you need help.

What is Early College Access?
BCPS has a partnership with CCBC called Early College Access. This program can...
allow juniors or seniors to begin taking entry level college classes for discounted or free tuition[depending on the student's GPA]. 
allow students to earn free college credits when they successfully complete approved Career and Technology Education (CTE) Pathway Programs.