College Application Links

College 101
The college application process can be daunting and overwhelming. If you are considering applying to college make an appointment to consult with your school counselor. In the meantime, the link above can help answer some questions and start helping you think about college.

Career and College research tool. This website is how BCPS students can complete college searches, register for college visits, request transcripts, and also request letters of recommendation. 

This site also allows you to see stats for each college -- requirements for freshman and transfer applicants, how much it costs in tuition, room & board, application fees, and more.

PSAT, AP, SAT website. This website is used to access test scores, prepare for tests, register for the SAT, and send SAT scores to colleges. 

ACT Student
ACT website. This website is used to access test scores, register for the ACT, and send ACT scores to colleges.

The Common Application website. This site is used for applying to colleges and universities. To see if your college uses CommonApp for applying, check Naviance.

HBCU CommonApp
The Common Application for that allows application to many of the historically black colleges and universities. 

Academic Common Market
The Academic Common Market allows you to live OUT of state, and attend a PUBLIC university for IN-STATE tuition. The catch?--Your college major must ONLY be offered in another participating state.