Schedule Changes

The new school year is just around the corner.  In the next week (starting 8/18/20) you will be able to view your schedule in Schoology. 

If you require a schedule adjustment please complete the survey at this link by August 28.

Request to adjust schedule for the upcoming school year may be made for the following reasons:

  • inappropriate level of instruction ( i.e. Standard, Honors, GT, AP)     
  • course out of sequence (i.e. Trigonometry before Algebra)    
  • failure to satisfactorily complete prerequisite     
  • different course needed for graduation in 2021     
  • already earned credit in the course     
  • incomplete schedule     
  • approved for part time attendance but schedule does not reflect that     
  • physical/medical necessity; please provide medical documentation

If your request meets the requirements for adjustment, and a change can be made without additional conflicts- you will not be contacted by your counselor.

During the week of August 24 your counselor will be in touch with you about conflicts with your request. Please check BCPS One/Schoology after 8/30/20 to view changes that were made to your schedule. Only changes requested in this Microsoft Form will be reviewed.

Please do not email your counselor directly with your schedule adjustments. Space is provided for you to comment about your adjustment requests.

Thank you!

Your School Counselors 
Ms. Patron- Grade 9   
Ms. Baran- Grade 10     
Ms. Geigley-Grade 11   
Mr. Mininsky-Grade 12