Magnet Programs

About Patapsco's Arts Programs

The arts programs at Patapsco offer a comprehensive selection of study opportunities in music, theatre, dance, literary and visual arts.

Comprehensive, Magnet... What's the difference?

Magnet Program - Students from all over Baltimore County are eligible to audition in the eighth-tenth grades to become part of a magnet program. These magnet students participate in an intense magnet curriculum, taking a minimum of two magnet credits per year. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in experiences such as career exploration and portfolio development.

Comprehensive Program - Qualified students may elect to take many of the courses offered. They have access to the same facilities as magnet students and may choose to take as many classes as their schedule and ability allow. The comprehensive program offers all students opportunities in athletics, academics (Advanced Placement / Gifted & Talented), and a variety of other extra curricular activities.

Offices of Magnet Programs